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Stories I've written


Personal essays

Paw Culture: Return of the Prodigal Cat March 2, 2017

Childless, But Not Quite By Choice November 28, 2016 (PDF)

Tablet: Finding Happiness, Beyond the Evil Eye November 28, 2016 (PDF)

Paw Culture: The Late-Blooming Cat Lover October 6, 2016

Cosmopolitan He's Losing Weight. I Can't Stand It. February 2016

Purple Clover I Think I Love You September 2015

Yoga Journal $5 Yoga PDF August 2014

More Magazine Pit-y Party PDF June 2014

Natural Health Magazine Natural Reaction PDF May/June 2014

Fitness Magazine
Don't Go There: How My Weight Became the One Taboo Topic in My Marriage (PDF) March 2014

Deliberate Life  My Year of Non-Compulsive Shopping  March 2014

Good Housekeeping Magazine Blessings column, Romancing the Stove PDF January 2014

The New York Times Modern Love column, Learning to Lean In October 17, 2013

Medium: Kindling Conversation August 2013

The New York Times Modern Love  What a Scale Can't Measure December 4, 2012

Self Magazine: Dancing Queen October 2009

Self Magazine: How I Learned to Cook  June 2010 Can a Nervous Nellie Be a Freelancer? January 2013 Flying Solo: The Financial Side of Freelancing January 2013


The History Channel: The Obama Years: A 9-Part Oral History January 2017

Live Happy Magazine: Spreading the Music--and the Joy (Profile of Boston Philharmonic Conductor/Founder Ben Zander) July 2016

Refinery29: A Survivor of Female Genital Mutilation Wants to End it for Good December 2015

Cosmopolitan: Make Your Cause Your Career December 2015

Woman's Day Magazine: Every Day Is Father's Day June 2015

Woman's Day Magazine: Mom Power May 2015

Woman's Day Magazine: Heroes Fighting Hunger January 2015

More Magazine: Fear Couldn't Stop Her September 2014

Woman's Day: Back From The Brink September 2014

Good Housekeeping: Keeping the Faith After a Tragedy PDF August 2014

Woman's Day Magazine: Friends and Family May 2014

Good Housekeeping Magazine: How I Finally Stopped Worrying November 2013

Self Magazine: Daring to Date Again October 2008

Health and Wellness

Yale's Breakthroughs Magazine: Fighting for the Right Treatment for a Rare Reproductive Cancer January 2019

Good Housekeeping: It's A Thing: Dry January January 2019 Does Stress Play A Role in Cancer? October 2018 After the Cure April 2018 The Anti Aging Workout February 2018

Woman's Day: A Son With Schizophrenia February 1, 2017

Prevention Magazine: Diabetes in the Family November 2016

Prevention Magazine: A Good Night's Sleep, Naturally August  2016 Four Controversial Mental Health Diagnoses September 2015 Are Antidepressants Overprescribed? August 2015

Redbook: Protect Yourself from Burnout September 2015 The Slippery Facts About Lubricants July 28, 2015 How to Choose a Personal Lubricant July 28, 2015

Natural Health: Pot or Not? Nov/Dec 2014

Cosmopolitan: Never Let Them See You Freak Out PDF August 2014

Good Housekeeping: 7 Years Younger Makeover January 2014

Self Magazine: The Pleasure Diet or How to Lose Weight Without Deprivation February 2011

Work & Money

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Learn to Love Your Office Nemesis July 2014 (online version)

Woman's Day Magazine: Turn Your Clutter Into Cash February 2014

Woman's Day Magazine: Beat Financial Stress October 2013

Love, Relationships & Sex

Cosmopolitan Magazine: The Surprising Keys to Compatibility February 2017

Cosmopolitan Magazine: When Love Turns Obsessive February 2014


Women's Health Magazine: What Would You Do? Jan/Feb 2017

Live Happy Magazine: The Friendship Prescription November/December 2016

Good Housekeeping Magazine: You Gotta Have Friends April 2014

Self Magazine: Becoming Your Own Best Hope March 2010

Self Magazine: The New Happy July 2009

Self Magazine: A New Prescription for Happiness September 2003


Good Housekeeping Magazine: How to Prep for Unexpected Guests November 2013

Good Housekeeping Magazine: How to Host a Better-Than-Oprah's Book Club March 2013